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40 Pack of Tetley Redbush Vanilla Teabgs

Tetley Redbush Vanilla

Relax with a naturally caffeine free rooibos and vanilla
£2.15 to £12.90

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Brewing Instructions

Brewing the perfect Tetley cuppa… 1) One bag per mug is best, or one bag per person popped into a warmed teapot. 2) Add freshly boiled water, stir and brew to the right strength for you. 3) Serve and enjoy!

Our Tetley Tea Taster standing in a field of green tea leaves

Using our 175 years of blending expertise, we have crafted a lovely Redbush with vanilla using only the finest ingredients.Naturally caffeine free and as hydrating as water, Redbush can be enjoyed with or without milk or sugar. Carefully sourced from the Cedarberg region of South Africa, we have perfectly blended our delicious Redbush with the gentle flavour of vanilla.

Tetley Tea Master

How does it taste?
Classic rooibos with an indulgent twist.
Redbush (91%), Flavouring (8%), Natural Vanilla Flavouring (1%)

nutrition per 100ml

  • 1 kcal
  • 0 sugar
  • 0 fat
  • 0.1 carbohydrate