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One pack of 20 detox with selenium mint teabgs

Tetley Super Herbals Detox Mint

A mint green tea with the important mineral selenium to help protect cells from oxidative stress.
£1.95 to £7.16

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Brewing Instructions

Brewing the perfect Tetley cuppa… 1) One bag per mug is best, or one bag per person popped into a warmed teapot. 2) Add freshly boiled water, stir and brew to the right strength for you. 3) Serve and enjoy!

What's special about this tea?

Our Tetley Tea Taster standing in a field of green tea leaves

A soothing green tea with mint blend - based on the traditional tea drunk in Morocco with the added benefit of selenium (each cup contains 23% of your recommended daily amount of selenium). Green tea has historically been used to facilitate digestion and peppermint is traditionally considered by folk in Europe to aide digestion. That's why we'd recommend drinking this tea before and/or after meals.

Tetley Tea Master

How does it taste?
Balanced blend of green tea with intense & refreshing mint.
Peppermint Leaves (94%), Peppermint Oil (5%), Selenium (1%).

nutrition per 100ml

  • 2 kcal
  • 0.5 sugar
  • 0 fat
  • 1.2 carbohydrate